Compassionate Intention
               where there is an opportunity to create
       A Meeting of Hearts
       A LikeHearted Community
       A Coherency of Right Action

'World Day of Compassionate Intention'
celebrated each year on the 3rd Wednesday in May

Keep your Compassion Alive All Year with this NEW PROGRAM


   NEW PROGRAM!  Attention all Spiritual Seekers:   Inspiring, Innovative

"Keeping Compassion Alive"

52 Weekly Amazing Email Lessons
to grow your Compassionate Heart and
to help you be Compassionate
Beyond Your Expectations...all year!

One Year of Weekly Lessons
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The average person spends many more waking hours
being unkind to themselves than being Compassionate.

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Learn new ways to be kind to yourself and others - and to feel fulfilled.

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"Why We Resist The Choices That We Know Will Do Us Good"

What if today was the day you began a whole new chapter of your life?

Are you ready to expand your knowledge of Compassion
and make it a truly meaningful part of your life?

Are you ready
to take the next step in your spiritual evolution?

Are you ready
for a deeper understanding
of the Compassionate Heart
…and to serve yourself and others
with vibrancy?

The program called “Keeping Compassion Alive” is meant to walk you into the Best of Yourself.

It teaches you how to reach out beyond what you know, and discover the depths of your Compassionate Heart.

It awakens you to new ways you can serve through the wisdom of your Heart.

Here’s a little background on how this program came together…

I know life can be challenging especially in today’s challenging times – but I also know that many spiritual seekers are being called to do something, ANYTHING, to be a part of the resolution.

Like yourself, I want to serve resolution – and my work revolves around what I can offer you from my Heart and a lifetime of traveling the spiritual path. This new program was inspired by the ‘World Day of Compassionate Intention’ which I hosted for the first time in 2010.

(It was a beautiful day of 10 hours of alignment with Compassion that was shared with our community of seekers. If you joined me, thank you for being there! If you did not, there is always next year…)

The event made me realize that not only did we need to continue the momentum we gained, we had to grow it! There had to be a way to guide others on the Compassionate Path to be the best they could be.

…And the idea for the “Keeping Compassion Alive” program was born. It is a collection of 52 weekly email lessons that keep you on target with your spiritual goals, and actually grows your Compassionate Heart. The weekly emails are in depth, meaningful 1-3 pages of material for you to integrate into your daily Compassion practice.

(Don’t worry. You will be guided through how to set up a daily Compassion practice – and much more!) 

Here are a few of the topics covered in the “Keeping Compassion Alive” program:

  •  How Practicing Compassion Improves Physical Wellness
  •  Self-Compassion Made Simple
  •  Whispering a Powerful Compassionate Message
  •  Finding You in the Heart of Compassion
  •  How to Feel Grateful in the Face of Tragedy
  •  Compassion Moves, Love Is
  •  How to Find Lasting Forgiveness
  •  When is Forgiveness Not Needed
  •  When the Answer Must Be 'No'
  •  Moving Passed Judgment with Grace... many more inspiring, supportive, original messages.

BONUS…If you subscribe today, I will include a very important report called
“Why We Resist the Choices That We Know Will Do Us Good” – a must for all spiritual seekers and healers.

This is a no risk, guaranteed program. Try it for 30 days if it does not meet your needs, email me at – and I will give you a full refund. Absolutely no questions asked.

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Easy, right?

I hope you choose to join me as we travel into the Heart of Compassion in the coming year…To Compassion!

P.S. Remember if you subscribe today you will get the BONUS report called “Why We Resist the Choices That We Know Will Do Us Good.”

P.P.S. I am always here for you to offer support and answer your questions. or (845) 657-9959

"Keeping Compassion Alive" on-line program

    "Keeping Compassion Alive" 52 week, on-line program

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      Please let others know about this program - and help to grow Compassion worldwide...
      Please let others know about this program - and help to grow Compassion worldwide...

      “What a wonderful way to start off my Saturday morning, the message you sent me about Self compassion inspiring Right Action really hit home for me.  I have been doing very well and feeling very well…Being more compassionate to myself has led me also to feeling more compassionate towards others.  I started a food drive at work through a place called Island Harvest.  They collect food for people in need all year long and disperse it to thousands of long islanders.  I feel this is a way to spread love and awareness to others in my community.  It feels very good to be helping myself and others…Thank You Corinne, I really love these lessons.”

      ~ Vanessa P. 

      "I wanted to touch base and let you know I am very present and always loving to receive the keeping compassion alive teachings.  Each teaching is a bundle of wisdom that is a reminder of my evolution.  I feel blessed every time I engage in the messages.

      Blessings and Joy!"