Compassionate Intention
              where there is an opportunity to create
       A Meeting of Hearts
       A LikeHearted Community
       A Coherency of Right Action

  The Meditative Focus
for Compassionate Coherency

for the annual World Day of Compassionate Intention
May 18, 2011

I acknowledge the many blessings in my life, my Heart open to What Is, and Compassion greets me.

I connect to my fellow seekers to feel their Compassionate Intention.

I widen my connection to be in harmony with my global family.

I walk the circular Path of Compassion, hand in hand, Heart to Heart with my fellow seekers.

Because I am called to do so, I observe the pain and suffering that seems to be synonymous with life on Earth. I see it in those I know and Love, and those in my global family – all of whom I care for deeply.

I also observe the Beauty that seems to be present every where that is  synonymous with life on Earth.

I witness the human experience without judgment.

I fully accept all of What Is as being Divinely Inspired.

From this unconditional perspective, I offer my Compassion.

I look into the eyes of those who are suffering and stop to assist when my Heart is called to respond with Right Action whether the one in need is someone I know and Love, a member of my global family – or myself.

I believe the Divine speaks in all expressions of life whether they are seemingly Dark or Light.

It is my intention that my Compassion will resolve anything that obscures resolution to those lost in the darkness of pain and suffering.

It is my intention that my Compassion will resolve anything blinded by the lightness of Beauty and lost in self-indulgence or a presumption of superiority.

Today I am willing to stand at the fulcrum point between pain and resolution offering my Compassion unconditionally and without agenda.

I understand that the judgment of others assists us in knowing who we are. When we label someone else and judge them, we learn who we are not.

But today I offer the choice of Acceptance to those holding onto judgments of others unlike themselves. The time is here to grow beyond self-definition and truly look into each other’s eyes and experience ourselves as one global family.

Today I offer Acceptance to those lost in their presumption of the superiority of their ideas and actions. The time is here to grow beyond the One Answer and embrace All Answers as relevant to the resolution.

We are all more alike than we are different. Our differences are to be celebrated! We are One in our Acceptance of all that defines life on Earth.

I offer Acceptance from my growing Compassionate Heart.

Regardless of whether it is received or not, I offer my Compassion unconditionally.

I feel called to bring attention to the Compassionate choice, the one that serves everyone.

I believe in the power and validity of The Compassionate Solution that serves All regardless of the specifics of the challenges or the distance of the separation between the different points of view.

I do not know what this solution is – but I offer the possibility of the  implementation of The Compassionate Solution today.

I understand that my Compassion may resolve What Is or it may have no noticeable effect.

I trust that whatever happens or does not happen serves the Highest Good because whatever unfolds is the Divine speaking.

Today I offer my Compassion – which is Love Alive…and I Trust.

I keep my eyes and Heart open to any way that I may be called to serve the Highest Good through Right Action*.

I am here before What Is offering Loving Compassion today.

May Right Action* be obvious to me.

May my Compassionate Intention be seen, heard and felt – and may it have a transformative effect on the pain and suffering of those dear to me, my fellow seekers, my global family – and myself.

Blessings to All on this day.


*A Right Action is a spontaneous action
born out of a truly Compassionate Heart,
one that is called to unconditionally serve
What Is.


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