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Bonus Review
Compassion Studies
Lesson 1 – “From the Heart”

The Energy Anatomy of the Awakening Heart

1)  If you feel most of the activity in your Heart at the front of your Heart this means that you are most apt to serve those in personal relationships in a Compassionate manner.

Challenge: to show the same Compassion to others in your broader, global community.

2) If there is more activity at the back of your Heart this means you are better at serving others than yourself or those closest to you.

Challenge: to extend the same Compassion to those in your personal relationships as you do to those in your more impersonal relationships.

3)  If you feel a lot of activity or quivering in the center of your Heart (side to side movement) then you probably know well how to Love yourself.
Challenge: to expand the Self-Love to others.

4)  If you feel a spiraling in the center of your chest, you have a deep Love for others.
Challenge: to Love yourself as deeply as you Love others.

5)  If you feel your Heart is most active, down (or at the bottom) then you are good at being present and Loving in your life on Earth.

Challenge: to connect to Love at its Divine, infinite source.

6)  If you feel your Heart as being most active, up (or at the top) then you are adept at receiving Divine Love.

Challenge: to share this Love with those you know in your life.

These energy configurations are absolutes and offered here to give you more awareness of who you are at Heart. You are probably a mixture of energies or lie somewhere between one and the other.

Just explore. Open yourself to possibilities. Allow yourself to know your Heart in a new way, and to know who you are at Heart.

Know who you are at Heart
and grow your Compassion.