Compassionate Intention
    where there is an opportunity to create
  A Meeting of Hearts
  A LikeHearted Community
  A Coherency of Right Action

Right Actions
Spontaneous Actions Taken When Something Touches Your Heart

It doesn’t matter what you do from your Heart just that you do it!
Do something that makes a difference today!

Be sure to receive any positive feedback that comes to you.
Bask in the Rightness of your Action.

Donate what you have…
time, money, organizational skills, a caring Heart.

Examples of Right Actions:

  • Join an organization that represents your social, political, environmental, spiritual or religious beliefs.
  • Actively participate in an organization that represents your personal values.
  • Offer your expertise to an individual who needs it.
  • Donate your time or money to a cause that speaks to your Heart. If you are called to donate money, please evaluate your charity at
  • Be the most Compassionate person you can be.
  • Pray for the Highest Good to be served.

Some Specific Ideas:

  • Donate material possessions you don’t need to someone who does.
  • Listen to someone’s story with all of you.
  • Give your time to someone who needs you.
  • Pray for healing or well-being.
  • Send healing energy.
  • Attend a concert and support a musician.
  • Buy a piece of artwork and support a fine artist.
  • Support your local merchants by purchasing their products and services.
  • Get someone in need to the doctor, a hospital or a therapist.
  • Get someone struggling with addiction to a support group or a trained professional.
  • Volunteer your gifts to residents in an adult care center or a nursing home.
  • Become an advocate for the mentally ill.
  • Support literacy and teach children or adults to read – or donate to an organization that does.
  • Visit the elderly in your neighborhood especially during inclement weather.
  • Show Compassion to a family with a handicapped child – or advocate for the handicapped.
  • Adopt a child, a pet, a village or a highway.
  • Donate to save an endangered animal, a river or an orchard.
  • Fund or start an educational scholarship.
  • Recycle.
  • Plant a vegetable garden to feed your belly, and to save money and the environment.
  • Plant a flower garden to feed your Soul – and your neighbors’.
  • Share beauty with someone hungry for it.
  • Act to protect the children of the world.
  • Offer solace to those grieving or become a bereavement counselor
  • Assist in feeding the hungry with service or a donation.
  • Organize a neighborhood clean-up.
  • Conserve water or energy.
  • Help your family and friends to eat nutritionally.
  • Offer support, encouragement or gratitude to someone who you observe needs it.
  • Validate someone else’s efforts to please you.
  • If you notice suffering, do something!

Examples of Self-Compassion:
Although all Right Actions serve your Heart, some of those actions can be personally rewarding.

  • Voice any opinion you have not to date.
  • Listen to yourself.
  • Give yourself the time you need to be the best you can be.
  • Be kind.
  • Forgive.
  • Exercise.
  • Eat nutritionally.
  • Receive the blessings being offered to you.
  • Go back to school.
  • Follow your dream!
  • Love yourself for one minute then another and another, etc.
  • Celebrate your successes!
  • Celebrate your failures as stepping stones to the Authentic You!
  • Be at peace with your life as it is!

Share the Love in your Heart, and make a difference!

There may be things you are doing already that could be called Right Actions. Excellent! Now do them with awareness, grow your action, and rally those around you to participate also.

Somehow, in some way, become a part of the most Compassionate solution you can imagine!

Get involved IN THE MOMENT when you observe suffering – whether it is your own, someone else’s or a global issue. If you observe it, you are being changed to engage in a Right Action. Do something!